Mr_Wavington Smoke or Get Smoked

Once again once again, y’all go follow my new page @CoOolAssKyle @CoOolAssKyle @CoOolAssKyle @CoOolAssKyle this my last day wit access to both my old twitter nd IG

Last day wit access to my Livin4CoOol IG/Twitter, so if u not already go nd follow my new IG/Twitter now thank u @CoOolAssKyle @CoOolAssKyle @CoOolAssKyle

One more time. If u haven’t already, go follow my new Twitter nd IG @CoOolAssKyle @CoOolAssKyle@CoOolAssKyle

Y’all make sure to go follow my new page. @CoOolAssKyle this will be my last day having access to this page. New IG nd Twitter y’all FWM

Y’all make sure y’all follow my new page yo. @CoOolAssKyle I won’t have no access to this page after 2morrow

Goodnite from my nd Kiya. Gone watch cartoons till we both go to sleep.

I’m real weak yo 😂😂😂😂

Ill just smoke this L wit my bro #CoOol. One person I know I can still sit nd smoke a L wit.

Yep I’m soooooo happy to be at work on this Sunday. 😶😶😕

Congrats to da homie @ashsterix walkin cross dat stage today. #UWF13

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